More progresses on my Modern Day #frida #wip

"Kingdom of One"

8” x 10”, Framed 11” x 14”

Graphite on Canson Paper 

Hidden Kingdoms

Exhibit Opening 07.25.14

The Dream Factory, Germany

This is a commission for a person who was shot in the eye - the dark part is the scar. #tutorial

Virtual Extinction for Temple of the Soul: Bodies & Sacred Systems at Alexi Era GalleryArtwork Info:
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Age of Separation 
Limited Edition Print of 10 (Last Print)
16” x 20”, Antiquely Framed 20” x 24”

Available for Purchase at Snap! Orlando
Purchase Online or In Person:
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First time #drawing a puppy eye. There are things I would like to improve, but this was a fun challenge! Now got to frame for Gristle Tattoo+Art Gallery #donation#animals
Virtual Extinction, 2014
Silent Night, Aunia Kahn - 2014
Just got some older items back local shop that is closing. Some very special items featuring older works. Available in the store tonight at 8pm. CST (Jewelry, Framed Art, Specialty Items)Items Listed Here:
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Thanks Target Audience Magazine!
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Excited to be a part of this event! “Snap! Attacks!” June 20th, FL
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Take a Listen to our Weekly
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Super Special Metal Print (Created in 2006 - no others prints available, original sold) (Accidentally Reversed) Artist Proof. This will be for available later tonight! If interested, you can always email me in advance:
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ABOUT THE EPISODE In Episode 5 we discuss fears associated with being a creative person. We touch on specific fears, what you can do about them and ways to move past them. SHOW QUOTES I believe so much in the power of performance I (via 5: Fear in Association with Creativity)
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or Download ABOUT THIS EPISODE In Episode 7 we discuss how to get artwork into galleries as either a represented artist or part of an exhibition. We also talk about how to approach galleries, some things to avoid, juried vs invitational exhibiti (via 7: Getting Your Art Into Galleries)
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Opaque  by  andbamnan