Alexi Era Gallery is featured in USA TODAY for Edgy Art in Downtown St. Louis.
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Opening March 7th! Love Gallery, CO
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My artwork is coming to Hong Kong. Are you in the area, stop by the Affordable Art Fair HK!
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Featured on the Beautiful Bizarre Magazine website for the Mass Culture MCMXX Exhibition at Alexi Era Gallery (Runs Until: March 31)Read Here: 
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Interviewed for new Catapult Art Mag about marketing for artists. View my answers and others online/free for a limited time. Great help and feedback for aspiring artists.View Magazine:
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The High Priestess for the Tarot Under Oath at Last Rites Gallery- Inquiries please contact: (212)529.0666 or
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Really enjoyed conducting Marketing for Artists at Alexi Era Gallery.
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Amazing detailed shot of Julie Zarate's Magician for Tarot Under Oath at Last Rites Gallery
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Detail image from “Salvation” going to the Octopoda Invitational Love Gallery, Denver Colorado, March 2014
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Opaque  by  andbamnan